Winning Steps towards blending Spirituality and Nature

Special efforts towards promoting

Environment friendly and spiritually charged premises

Amidst tough rocky terrains, scarce soil and infertile ground

Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya has its south India’s biggest spiritual premises at Hyderabad in sprawling 34 acres (approx. 14 hectares) of land at Gachibowli. When the land was allotted in 2002, it was a chunk of unused, inhibited land, isolated after over 25 years of heavy granite quarrying. It was with unevenly Cut Mountains, boulders spread all over, scarce trees, hard to find greenery, extremely limited soil that too of low infertile. Anyone who would have seen the land at this stage felt a challenge to imagine the upcoming spiritual premises amidst so many odds and tough terrains.

The first phase of the godly academy started in mid 2004. Members and Volunteers of the organization along with few well wishers took a challenging step and started their heartful attempts to promote greenery. They knew that it is not going to be an easy job with such odd situation and limited resources. All that was filled in their deep heart and which is the source of inspiration is ‘the dedication towards the godly act, the concern towards the nature and the love towards the humanity’.


Over a thousand lorries of soil were able to be procured for almost free of cost, heavy escalator machines worked for hundreds of hours, thousands of man hours were invested by volunteers, exclusive bore wells - water tanks - pipe lines were arranged, water harvesting strategy was implemented, drip and sprinkler systems were put into action and organic methods were adopted.

The result: Today, after years of continuous efforts, in addition to the main buildings and facilities, Shanti Sarovar campus dwells with remarkable greenery and picturesque natural setup.