• Over 6000 Trees of mostly herbal and fruit bearing

  • Multipurpose theme Gardens

  • Green foliage covering all main areas

  • Water Stream, Water fountain, Water fall, Water ponds, Fish ponds, Lotus Ponds etc. which are specially created

  • Spacious lawns

  • Sitting arrangements beneath shaded trees / water bodies

  • Organic Vegetable Cultivation + Meditation experiment on plants

  • Walking track with lush green surroundings

  • Goshala (Cows) – 10 in nos.

  • Water harvesting pond / pits

  • Shade house nursery

  • Meditation setups at natural spots like thatched huts / hillock cliff / amidst big boulders

  • Multipurpose Meditation Gazebo

  • Thought provoking quotations

  • Water, energy and Time saving Drip and Sprinkler systems all around the campus.

  • Bio gas plant (temporarily not working)

  • Many Indoor plants

  • All time fresh air breezes, pollution free environment, welcoming smiles of flowers, variety of pretty birds chipling all around, with cute busy squirrels and several species, with deep vibrations of silence & purity, with spiritually charged environment, Shanti Sarovar campus definitely imprints unique memorable experiences. While all these are complimenting the excellent socio-spiritual training facilities at the campus, Shanti Sarovar stands as a role model of ‘Godly act’ and ‘Collective Efforts’.

The privilege, blessings and fortune goes to all those who share the credit of this unique success.

With the initial level success, next level of efforts are being planned for the coming years which could give still more interesting results. The next level of efforts involves extended support to the existing areas as well as undertaking essential new services.