Spirituality in IT - RetreatsThis ½ day program is being conducted by Brahma Kumaris as a part of the 'Spirituality in IT' (SiT) retreats. 'SiT retreats' are conducted once a month exploring various aspects of 'Applied Spirituality' as applicable to our day-to-day work and life. The venue for SiT retreats is Brahma Kumaris sprawling campus called Shanti Sarovar – Academy for a better world.

Music, Peace, Reflection, Meditation form a part of this half-day retreat.

Weekend Meditation retreat. (conducted once in a quarter ) 

IT Professionals are invited to discover a whole new meaning to illuminate their life and be reminded of a fascinating journey of the light within. The participant will learn a practical, simple, and natural form of meditation.   
In the weekend retreats the participants get an opportunity.

  • to learn basics of ancient Raja Yoga meditation
  • to get much needed 'space' and 'time' for themselves
  • to practice simple techniques for leading a Stress free life

Raj Yoga is an ancient system of meditation and spiritual understanding that enables you to stabilize your mind, reduce stress, release tension and pain, and enhance health & well-being. Raj Yoga offers a step-by-step approach to the practice of meditation. You begin to live from the inside out, expressing your qualities and strengths in a very natural way.  Timings : 10:00 am on Saturday to 1.30 pm on Sunday

Boarding and Lodging are provided by Brahma Kumaris, as this is a residential retreat.
Timings : 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Venue : Shanti Sarovar, Gacchibowli, ISB Road, Hyderabad-53
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